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Welcome to Council Rock Wrestling Association ...

Welcome to the Council Rock Wrestling Association (CRWA), a member of the ICWL and host of the Indian Open Wrestling Tournament.

CRWA provides training and competition opportunities for approximately 200 wrestlers.  CRWA places kindergarten through 8th grade wrestlers on 8 different Council Rock teams, with the primary goal of developing wrestlers to eventually compete for the Council Rock North and Council Rock South high school varsity teams.  The CRWA family has a remarkable 50 year history and is extremely proud of the success its wrestlers have achieved in youth wrestling, high school, and beyond.  We look forward to this year’s team members someday becoming the core team members for both Coach Silimperi’s and Coach Vivacqua’s high school teams of the future.
Registration will open for the 2015/2016 season in September.  Click Online Registration at top-right of this page.

Below you can find information on Registration, Schedules, and other news.  Please use the website as your primary source for information, as opposed to e-mailing or calling CRWA coaches and/or Board members.  A late registration fee of $25 per wrestler will apply after 11/15/15.

The 32nd Annual CRWA Indian Open will be scheduled for January 2016  Registration SOLD OUT in previous years, so participants are encouraged to register early!  CRWA volunteers will be needed prior to and throughout the event.


Coach Mike Rappo leads CRWA practices and oversees the training program for all CRWA teams and wrestlers.  Coach Rappo is assisted by Coach/Director of Wrestling Jason Mutarelli and other coaches that also have significant background and experience in wrestling.  Practice schedules for the Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Teams will be uploaded to this website for the 2015/2016 season.

First practices scheduled with Coach Rappo and Coach Mutarelli are anticipated to be scheduled for Wednesday nights 10/28, 11/4, and 11/11/2015 at CR South HS from 6:30 to 8pm.  All CRWA wrestlers are welcome.

Regular season practice schedule is as follows:
Middle School Wrestlers - should attend Tuesday night practices at CR South HS (6:30-8:00pm)
Advanced Team - Tuesday/Thursday evening practices (6:30pm-8:00pm) at CR South HS; 
Dates for Monday Night Live at CR North HS (6:15pm to 7:45pm) will be posted on both the Advanced and Intermediate Team Schedules. 
Intermediate Team - Monday/Wednesday evening practices (6:30pm-8:00pm) at CR South HS; certain Mondays are at CR North HS (this will be posted on the Intermediate Team Schedule)
Novice Team - Monday/Wednesday evening practices (6:15pm-7:45pm) at either Richboro Middle School or CR South HS beginning on 11/23/15. The location for each practice will be posted on the Novice Team Schedule.

Remember - if CR schools are closed for a holiday, weather, or any other reason, we do not practice. 

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Xtreme Camp Update & Apache Reminder
Mark your calendar: Xtreme Intensive Wrestling Camp @ CR SOUTH June...
National Registry for Wrestling
  Wrestling Needs You! Are you a wrestling fan? Would...
Apache Spring Session
Don't forget to sign up for SPRING APACHE!  LOG ON TO  to...
To My Wrestling Son
Hungry for Wins...?
Wrestling Family,   As we enter the back end of the season,...
Xtreme Camp Update & Apache Reminder
Mark your calendar: Xtreme Intensive Wrestling Camp @ CR SOUTH June 22-24. more info coming soon.

Apache - join the over 30 elementary wrestlers still training. If you missed signs ups you can still enroll anytime. One night per week options available as well.  Practice is Mondays and Wednesdays from for info or email 

posted 03/17/2015
National Registry for Wrestling



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by posted 02/25/2015
Apache Spring Session

Don't forget to sign up for SPRING APACHE! 
LOG ON TO  to take advantage of the savings! Register by March 1 and use the promo code: EARLY BIRD to save 25$
Here is a sneak preview of what goes on at the club!

**NEW this spring, in order to meet the increasing demand to wrestle FREESTYLE, all club members will be able to train 4 nights in the spring. We will train SCHOLASTIC on Mondays and Wednesdays as per the regular schedule. Beginning Thursday April 2 we will start our Spring Freestyle Fever session which will run every Tuesday & Thursday from 7:00-8:30. This is for ALL AGES, however elementary aged freestylers are urged to bring a partner! And again, there is no additional fees for club members.

See you on the mats soon!

by posted 02/23/2015
To My Wrestling Son

Photograph By Mark Lundy

To My Son

To my son,
You had a tough time on the mat today and the ride home was pretty quiet. I admit I was very disappointed but I later came to realize that I shouldn’t be and that it is all part of the journey you are taking.
When I watch you on the mat I worry that you are doing battle while unprepared and that I have failed in your preparation. As a father that is my greatest fear, that you are unprepared to face the challenges that will come before you. I want you to be prepared for your match, but I’ve come to realize that it is the matches themselves that, are in the long run, win or lose, the things that ARE preparing you.
I think that the greatest benefit from wrestling is learning to face challenges and to demand the most from yourself. You learn to fight when you think there is no more fight left within you. You learn to get up after you’ve fallen, time and time again. You learn about sacrifice and about pain. You learn to endure and to overcome. This is what I want for you, not because I wrestled, but because these lessons are the true gifts of this sport. So, those losses today were actually part of this gift, and an important part of the journey.
My dream for you is to not just win championships and fill your room with medals. My dream for you is much greater and I hope you get much more from wrestling. I hope you learn to strive for greatness even if you fail in the attempt. I hope you learn to get up one more time when you think you can’t get up any longer. I hope you learn to not only face your fears, but to stare them down.
Wrestling isn’t about winning. It is about the desire to win. It isn’t about success, but rather the determination to succeed. I want you to succeed as a wrestler, not to win state championships, but I want you to be a successful wrestler so you learn to be all that you can. This sport can help teach you that, if you let it. I look forward to the seasons of our future as you go through these lessons and I’ll be in your corner for each and every one of them. I love you.

Allen Takata from the book Last Chances

by posted 02/20/2015
Hungry for Wins...?

Wrestling Family,


As we enter the back end of the season, i am sitting here thinking of the tournaments that are fast approaching - PJW, Wildwood Duals, ICWL Championships, MAWA, and is there ANYTHING i have learned, anything i could/would recommend that can give our CRWA families the edge.


Here is what i came up with...and its oddly simple, but was not understood or employed by myself until very late in my sons youth wrestling career.


The first 5 years or so - Ben would melt down at tournaments - and by melt down - i mean a Mental breakdown followed by a Physical breakdown...and i did not know why.  I thought that his inability to perform was driven by a lack of mental toughness or preparation...but in fact it was something far less complex.  He was hungry.  His body was craving the fuel it needed to perform, and we were not supplying it.


Now -I was not withholding food from Ben, but he was not asking for much either, mostly because i do not think he realized what was going on...He was interested in winning, socializing, interested in eating candy or hot dogs and the normal junk food sold at the event - but, Nutrition was not being given to him in a manner which he/his body could use it.


So - here is my quick hit message for the Club.

1 - Look into reading (and you AND your wrestler should read it for the best results) -Winning State Wrestling -  This sets up a "Process" to better tournament wrestling (its about $20 on amazon).  The book gives you a framework to prepare for and to use during a tournament.  It sets a common language to use with your wrestler and helps both you and your wrestler get on the same page.  I will forewarn you that I do not agree with the entire book (as i think it goes a bit far in its concept on Total Dedication to winning, which includes eliminating much of the social enjoyment of the tournament) - but there is a very good framework that my son and I have followed and still do to this day.


2 - if you are not interested in that - my message is simply make sure that between matches your wrestler is getting the nutrition they need to be Fueled Up before their next match.    There are plenty of internet recommendations on between match routines and food.  Peanuts, Apples and Peanut butter, PBJ, Fruit, Energy Bars etc.  Do not eat a "meal" per se, but look to take in enough to carry you through to the next match and the 3-6 minutes you will need to be at Peak Performance.


Best of Luck in the Post Season,

This is when CRWA Shines - Do Us Proud Men!!!  Represent!!

Best Regards,





by posted 02/04/2015
CRWA Photos
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